Life Insurance Question

The Most Important Life Insurance questions I wanted to discuss the biggest question surrounding Life Insurance today because 50% of adults are uninsured or underinsured leaving their families flirting with a financial crisis. The question is, “How much Life Insurance do you need?” I’m going to answer that question with a question; “How concerned are[…]

Teach Your Child About Money

Kids need to be taught Financial Literacy Start conversations about money earlyTeac­­­hing children how to manage money will help them throughout their lives. Start teaching children about money when they’re young. If you start early, you can build on their knowledge as they grow. This way, children will learn how to: make goo­­­d decisions about[…]

Segregated Funds Segregated Funds – A Closer Look As investors become more concerned about managing risk in their portfolios and protecting their principal, Segregated Funds, with their guarantees and unique estate planning features are more in demand. Segregated Funds can give you the growth potential of Investment Funds with the security of insurance guarantees.  There are[…]

Joint Accounts

Joining Accounts and Houses Could be a costly mistake for your family:   Parents typically want to leave as much as they can to their children with little headaches.  You need to be careful, there are tax and inheritance traps that can cause problems. The most common mistakes, result in inheritance conflicts, the payment of[…]

Paying Yourself

Pay Yourself First What does Pay Yourself First Mean? “Paying yourself first” means that you should pay your own savings and investment accounts first. Here are some examples: Paying into your RRSPs Buying Insurance like Life Insurance Save for emergencies Set yourself up with Living Benefits Pay off your debts and don’t take on new ones![…]