An RRSP Can Help Now

RRSP Benefits Now An RRSP Contribution can generate an income after filing your taxes. The contribution can be deducted from your income. In Ontario if someone makes 50,000/year in 2018They will pay $8,733 in income tax.From that they will have a take home income of $41,267 Let’s say a contribution of $5,000 is made[…]

Segregated Funds Segregated Funds – A Closer Look As investors become more concerned about managing risk in their portfolios and protecting their principal, Segregated Funds, with their guarantees and unique estate planning features are more in demand. Segregated Funds can give you the growth potential of Investment Funds with the security of insurance guarantees.  There are[…]

Joint Accounts

Joining Accounts and Houses Could be a costly mistake for your family:   Parents typically want to leave as much as they can to their children with little headaches.  You need to be careful, there are tax and inheritance traps that can cause problems. The most common mistakes, result in inheritance conflicts, the payment of[…]

Paying Yourself

Pay Yourself First What does Pay Yourself First Mean? “Paying yourself first” means that you should pay your own savings and investment accounts first. Here are some examples: Paying into your RRSPs Buying Insurance like Life Insurance Save for emergencies Set yourself up with Living Benefits Pay off your debts and don’t take on new ones![…]

Benefits of Volunteering

4 Benefits to Volunteering in Your Community   1.  Volunteering your expertise Volunteering your area of expertise will not only help others in your community that are in need, but it can also come back to help you later.  People involved in the organization or project will notice your skills and won’t think twice about recommending[…]

Estate Planning

These are the Simple Points of Estate Planning: Make an appointment with a lawyer for your will.  While speaking with your lawyer you will be able to name your personal powers of attorney for your health and your property.  These can be different people.  With the will you can also name Trusties for your kids in[…]