Benefits of Volunteering

4 Benefits to Volunteering in Your Community


1.  Volunteering your expertise

Volunteering your area of expertise will not only help others in your community that are in need, but it can also come back to help you later.  People involved in the organization or project will notice your skills and won’t think twice about recommending you to others.

Not to mention that you may find new skills during these volunteer projects to enhance your abilities moving forward.

2.  Working with a passion

When volunteering in the community take the time to find a cause that you are passionate about.  This will ensure that you are going to give it your all and have great feelings in return.  To have success with something you care deeply about will have you glowing with pride.

3. Meet others with the same interests

This one is a continuation from number 2.  When you have found the cause that you want to help with you will also meet people with the same interests and passions you have.  People to share ideas and thoughts with to better the cause and yourself.

4. Become a role model

People in the community will see you as a leader.  A role model.  Someone they can count on.  A person that is willing to do passionate work with something they believe in and wants to make a difference!


This is something that we are passionate about at Newton Financial, The David Gregory MacKinnon Memorial Foundation.  Have a read of the story below, or click on the image to read it on the Niagara Falls Review website:

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