6 Money Saving Tips for Back to School

6 back to school tips

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Summer is slowly coming to an end and parents and kids alike are getting excited about the back to school season.  After a summer of family time, vacations, relaxing and connecting, it is time to focus on the next step.

In this article we highlight 6 tips to save on money when heading back to school.

This is also a fantastic way to get your children involved in learning how to handle their own finances.

1. Visit your local stores.  Retailers such as Staples/Office Depot, and Walmart offer competitive bargains versus online only retailers.  The sales can be great, but don’t let me drag you into buying extra things you don’t need.  Also, be sure to swing by retailers who have low pricing year-round, such as Dollar Store or Five Below.

2. Use store coupons and rewards programs. Before heading to a retailer, check your mailbox for weekly coupons and store websites for printable coupons.  You can often download them or take a screen shot onto your smart phone. These can mean big savings on your more expensive items.  Look into signing up for a store loyalty program where you can earn rewards points toward future purchases.

3. Combine your deals.  If you pay with a credit card that gives you cash back, you can save even more— just don’t let those credit card balances run up and accrue interest charges.

4. Online shopping is still the biggest timesaver, and we all know time is money.  If your family feels that time is your scarcest resource, searching for deals online may still be your best way to save both time and money.

5. Buy used textbooks or download digital textbooks.  Amazon is dominant in this space and you can be confident about the quality.  For really deep values, you may want to look at other providers as well. Make sure you do you research and look for reviews before purchasing with lesser known companies.

6. The best way to save may be not to spend at all; you may already have on hand some of the things on your shopping list. Look around your house before you shop.

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