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The Most Important Life Insurance Questions

I wanted to discuss the biggest question surrounding Life Insurance today because 50% of adults are uninsured or underinsured leaving their families flirting with a financial crisis.

The question is, “How much Life Insurance do you need?”

I’m going to answer that question with a question; “How concerned are you about the future financial well-being of your family if you were to pass away prematurely?”

It is important to sit down, consider and calculate your present and future needs because the biggest mistake is not having enough life insurance and I see this situation every week.

Remember this is personal and unique to your individual or family circumstance. There are no two situations the same, so you should consider.

* The amount to keep your home and pay off your mortgage

* Paying off all debts

* An amount for Child Care or their post-secondary education

* Lost wage if you are building your lifestyle on two incomes. I would recommend 3 years’ worth to help with household bills and the kids activities

* And, of course Final Expenses

Ask yourself who should take the risk for that total amount.  You and leave the family short one or two million? Or, the insurer for a minimal amount in premium each month?

You only die once and if you die with the wrong amount there are no do overs and your family could suffer.

Wouldn’t it be better to leave a legacy and a financial future for your family?

There is no replacing a father, mother, husband or wife but Life Insurance can replace the economic value of a human life.

What is yours worth?

At Newton Financial, we ensure, to insure, your family is secure!

Please hit the button below to get in touch with us.  We are happy to answer any Financial questions you may have.

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Jay Newton BA, CLU, CHS, EPC
Wealth Advisor
Newton Financial
Worldsource Financial Management Inc.

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