Critical Illness Before we get into the reasons why you should have Critical Illness Insurance, let’s explain what it is.  Critical Illness Insurance is designed to help with costs associated with Life altering illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke. Critical illness coverage provides a lump sum payment, tax-free, if you are diagnosed with a[…]

Deadline Approaching

The Deadline is approaching quickly:   The legislation changes that were introduced in the 2012 budget by the Department of Finance will affect life insurance policies issued as of January 1st, 2017. If you are saving money inside your corporation, to spend, or pass through your estate, Life Insurance should be considered… but the tax[…]

RESPs How To A 4 year degree in 2030 is projected to cost approximately $120,000.   A little scary, isn’t it? Most Canadian children have savings set aside for post-secondary education, but the amount they’re saving isn’t rising along with increasing tuition fees. Currently students graduate with an average debt of $28,000. An RESP is a great way to save for[…]

Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First Why do you work every day?  Not to pay someone else, PAY YOURSELF FIRST! The majority of people will pay their bills and expenses first and then pay themselves afterwords.  Doing things this this way makes it difficult to get ahead.  Too often there isn’t any money left to pay yourself with.[…]

10 Life Insurance Tips

    10 Life Insurance Tips For Everyone 1   1. You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live. 2. Start Young – You don’t need to have big financial obligations like a mortgage. Lock in your rates while you are young and[…]