10 life insurance tips

10 Life Insurance Tips  1. You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live. 2. Start Young – You don’t need to have big financial obligations like a mortgage. Lock in your rates while you are young and you can always add more later in life. 3. …

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

These are the Simple Points of Estate Planning: Make an appointment with a lawyer for your will.  While speaking with your lawyer you will be able to name your personal powers of attorney for your health and your property.  These can be different people.  With the will you can also name Trusties for your kids in …

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Newton Financial Pay Yourself

Pay Yourself First

Why do you work every day?  Not to pay someone else, PAY YOURSELF FIRST! The majority of people will pay their bills and expenses first and then pay themselves afterwords.  Doing things this this way makes it difficult to get ahead.  Too often there isn’t any money left to pay yourself with.   At Newton …

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Covid-19 Financial Lessons

Watch the Lifestyle Creep: 6 Financial Lessons Learned From COVID-19

In a summary from an article from The Globe and Mail we take a look at some very important financial lessons learned during COVID-19.  The rapid economic changes caused by the virus have taught us critical financial and business lessons.  Here they are in no particular order. 1. RISK IN OUR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIOS The massive …

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Combining Deposits and Borrowing

Combining Deposits And Borrowing with Manulife The traditional approach to money management means that each month millions of Canadians jump through financial hoops to meet their expenses, pay their bills, cover borrowing costs and (try to) put something away into savings and investments. What if your deposits and your borrowing were combined into a single …

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What Is An Insurance Broker? An Insurance Broker does not work for one specific insurance company, they work for you, the client. They can also act as your advocate in the settlement of any claim that may be made by you under your insurance. In the majority of cases, an insurance broker acts on your behalf as your agent. …

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