3 Ways To Support Your Community

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    Community Support

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Support the Children – The biggest investment you can make is in the children of the community.  

They are our future.  Get involved in coaching, various community centre actives, story telling, arts and crafts, acting, etc.  Think of things that you loved to do and learned from as a child and find a way to be a part of it in your community.

You can also look into ways to sponsor a child or family in need.  Or perhaps donate needed equipment to children’s teams and facilities.


Volunteer your Expertise – What are you really good at?  

A skill that not everyone has.  Maybe you can build furniture, or are good with electrical work.  Perhaps you are a musician or you can build websites.  Use your special skills to help out an organization in need.


Shop Local – Try shopping at locally owned businesses instead of big box retailers.  

Not only will you get more attention and typically friendlier service, you will also be investing directly into your community.  

Stats show that almost 50% of purchases made at local businesses go back into the community.  You can measure this against the 14% from chain locations.




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